NFL Week 14 Picks Winner

Rhett B. is the winner of the week 14 NFL pool. We had a winner at the conclusion of the Sunday night game because Rhett, second, and third place contenders all made the same picks.

Herb K. perfectly predicted Jake Browning’s completion percentage: 75%.

Answers to the question, “What is your favorite Festivus tradition?” included answers concerning Seinfeld’s Festivus and the Manor’s celebration. This Tuesday (12/14/2023), the Mason Cigar Manor will celebrate its third Festivus celebration, where we will have a Feats of Strength and Long Ash (cigar smoking) contests. Answers included “Airing of the grievances,” “Long Ash,” “The Meatloaf,” and “Watching you guys hotbox a $12 cigar without puking.”


  • Darren S. was the only one to pick the Bears’ victory over the lions. No surprise that he picked the Bears, but a great upset pick nonetheless.
  • No one picked the Patriots to beat the Steelers.
  • Everyone picked the Ravens to beat the Rams. The Ravens won in overtime.
  • Only two people correctly picked the Buccaneers and the Jets to win.
  • Rhett (regarding Festivus; quoting Kramer): “Frank invented a holiday? He’s so prolific.”
  • Herb: “I want to see somebody puke tonight!”

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