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NFL Football Poll Week 16 Results

Jamie W. is a two-time winner. Jamie edged out Duane P, who also correctly picked 13 of the games. Jamie won the tie-breaker, predicting the Bengals would have 8.3 average yards per pass. Favorite Festivus quotes: Make your picks for week 16 here.

NFL Week 14 Picks Winner

Rhett B. is the winner of the week 14 NFL pool. We had a winner at the conclusion of the Sunday night game because Rhett, second, and third place contenders all made the same picks. Herb K. perfectly predicted Jake Browning’s completion percentage: 75%. Answers to the question, “What is your favorite Festivus tradition?” included …

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NFL Pool Winner Week 13

Chris J. is this week’s NFL pool winner. Chris picked 9 games. There was no tie, but if there had been, the tie-breaker winner would have been Melvin T, who predicted that the Bengals would have 375 yards of offense. He was the most optimistic, as Cincinnati racked up 491 yards in their victory over …

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NFL Pool Week 12 Results

Jamie W. is this week’s winner of the football pool, correctly picking 14 games. Had either Melvin T. or Chad B. been in the running, they would have won with the tie-breaker. For the second tie-breaker, only four participants noted that roosters don’t lay eggs. Other comments for the week: Participate in week 13 pool …

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NFL Football Pool Week Nine Winners and Recap

Herb K. is a two-timer. Herb picked 11 games correctly, making him a second-time winner. He also correctly guessed the total score for the Bengals-Bills game, so had there been a tie, he would have won anyway. Also: Tired of seeing Herb and Rhett mentioned so much? Participate in the week 10 picks here.