NFL Week Eleven Winners and Recap

There was a seven-way tie in the picks for week 11. That’s why we have tie-breakers.

Jacob E. is this week’s winner because he correctly picked ten games and was closest in guessing the total yards lost on sacks. Jacob predicted 42 yards, just four yards short of the actual yards lost.

Twelve people Taut They Taw A Puddy-Tat when answering “What Looney Tunes character rests atop the titular confectionary tool in the Seinfeld ‘Pez Dispenser’ episode?” Some of you have good memories; the others are proficient at cutting and pasting questions into Google.

Comments/Jokes/Trash Talk for this week:

  • Paul R – “What’s red and is bad for your teeth? A brick.”
  • Brian T – “My wife asked if I had seen the dog bowl. I said I didn’t know he could.”
  • Chad B – “To make an accurate guess about Eagles vs Chiefs, we need to know if T. Swift will be in attendance. Travis Kelce only seems to know how to play when he has a special audience.”
  • Herb K – “What is the environmental impact of a dead mole?”
  • Deb K – “Herb.. duh, Paul’s already answered that question.”

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