NFL Week 6 Pool Results Are In!

Herb Ketteler is this week’s winner, despite his spouse’s trash talk. Herb correctly picked twelve of the fifteen games. Rafael, Rhett and Chad tied with twelve games, but had too much confidence in the Bengals’ running game. Herb predicted 77 yards rushing for the Bengals, who spit out a miserable 48 yards on the ground. Kunal, if he had been among the top pickers, would have won with the tie breaker, as he predicted the Bengals would rush for 52 yards.

Congratulations to all those who knew the answer to tie breaker number 2: “What is the average air speed velocity of a laden swallow?” I stand in awe of your ability to cut and paste the question into Google to get the instant answer of 20.1. As Rhett (and King Arthur) would say, these are “. . . just certain things you must know when you’re a king.” No, Herb, the answer is not 42. If Douglas Adams were still alive, he would say that you’re answering the wrong question.

This week’s jokes submitted in the pool: “What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic? Halfway” – Luke. “What’s green and fuzzy and will kill you if it falls out of a tree? A pool table” – Jeff F. Rhett’s Fun Fact: “A group of swallows is called a gulp.” Also, Carlos wanted to share that he “got hairy legs that that that turn blonde in the summer. . . ” Thanks for all this inspiration; we are all so much smarter today.


  • Two people correctly picked the Browns as winners, both women: Deb (Herb’s wife) and Kathy (Paul’s mom).
  • Deb was the only one who picked the Jets to beat the Eagles. It appears that women are the best at picking the upsets this week.
  • Deb is also this week’s winner for the trash talk. However, it cannot be repeated here.

Submit your pool picks here.

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